About Us


The Himalayan Herbs & Organiv Center is a joint venture between Nepalese entrepreneurs . Production unit based at Jhumla, It was established in 2017 AD, with the aim of developing Nepal’s tremendous potential. The Company has been working at Jhumla District of Nepal to strengthen the economic condition of the remote villages involving local communities in collection, cultivation and processing of Ayurveda Health products. Himalayan Herbs & Organic Center is registered as Private Limited, company in accordance to Nepal Company Act under the department of industry with the limited liabilities.

The company has established its administrative and liaison office at Thamel, Kathmandu for the distribution of its products including Ayurveda medicines and herbal tea and also for the maintenance of its updated accounting processes. HIMALAYAN HERBS & ORGANIC CENTER is the first established and leading private Ayurvedic medicine in Nepal. The company receives its name from the Jhumla of Nepal. The company was established with in 2019 under the company act of Government of Nepal, and is a joint venture between Nepalese entrepreneurs

Comapany Documentation

  • Company Registration Name : Herbs Center pvt ltd.
  • PAN:609674231
  • Date:2076-08-18
  • Registartion In: Ministry Of Tax

Head office
Kanakasundary-7,Sinja ,Jumla
Brance office