Palmorasa Oil

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    ExtractionIt is extracted from the leaf part using steam distillation process.

    Chemical Compositiongeraniol, linalool, myrcene, geranyl acetate, dipentene, limonene.

    Oil PropertiesKnown by common name of Cymbopogon martini, the extracted oil comes from a species of grass of lemon grass genus and is extracted from shoot part of plant that contains active compound geraniol valued for scent and for number other medicinal and household applications. Further, the oil is also well recognized as effective insect repellent. Palmarosa oil has sweet floral tone with a hint of rose smell. It is pale yellow in color and comes with nearly watery viscosity.

    Therapeutic PropertiesAntiseptic, cytophylactic, digestive, antiviral, bactericide, febrifuge and hydrating.

    Uses The oil is used in soaps and perfumes and also has antifungal and mosquito repellent properties. The presence of active compound geraniol also makes the oil valued for its scent and traditional medicinal applications.

    SummaryThe oil is well recognized for calming mind, in clearing muddled thinking as well as for countering cases of stress-related problems, physical & nervous exhaustion and nervousness. The oil is also useful during convalescence and aids in digestive system, helps to clear intestinal infection, anorexia nervosa as well as is also effective in relieving sore and stiff muscles. The oil also helps in balancing hydration levels, stimulating cell regeneration, balancing production of sebum, keeping skin supple and elastic.

    Can cause sensitization and irritation
    Avoided during pregnancy and by people having very sensitive skin

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